Founded in 1980, Installation Technology has grown from a data cabling company into multifaceted organisation.

1980 - 1990

The company was founded in 1980 as a cabling company and began collaborating with companies large and small. Installation Technology was commissioned to design, implement and support Computer Associates’ ambitious requirements for a converged high speed voice and data network for their new European Headquarters based at Ditton Park, Datchet.

Other projects and awards included:

-Olivetti UK - wide network.
-Allied Dunbar UK - Token Ring.
-Monarch - wavelan 2mb
-Vendor of the year HP
-Supplier of the Year AT&T

1990 - 2000

Installation Technology became more involved with the BBC, TFL and began supplying components through BKA solutions. Operations expanded into different sectors, pushing the company to increase quality , certifications and meeting new demands of customers.

Projects included:

- BBC - Editing suites
- BBC - UK wide ethernet
- TFL - First LAN for 5000 terminals
- LU - NOC
- BBC - Y2K
- BKA - Supply chain solution

2000 - 2010

Established as a key supplier for LU and the BBC, installation technology expanded into medical, enterprise and CCTV. The company's reputation for delivering exceptional results in challenging environments began to develop.

- TFL - Command centre
- Alstorm - Northen line refresh
- Fujitsu - break-fix and transformation
- LU - Control Rooms
- LU - Local area network

Autodesk Lan implementation.

2010 - 2014

Having developed lasting business relationships with various customers across the UK. Installation technology began working with major contractors on the largest infrastructure project in Europe. Crossrail.

- TFL - primary cloud
- Emirates Airline - Wifi
- NHS - support and maintenance
- DLR - display customer displays
- Tesco -CCTV and secure entry system
- Crossrail - network design

2014 - 2020

From 2014 to the present day, Installation Technology is now recognised as an industry leader and continuing to build long lasting, sustainable partnerships with organisations and governing bodies across the UK.

- 5 million+ work hours without harm.
- KPMG office refit.
- Home Office – point cloud engineering
- Capita break fix and transformation
- GOSH Wi-Fi refresh (ARUBA)
- GSTT’s Cabling as Service contract
- Crossrail network design
- LU - Local area network