A New railway for london

Project Crossrail - The Elizabeth Line


By 2030 the London’s population is set to reach 10 million. Its transport system must be ready to service this increasing demand. 

This Crossrail project, sponsored by the Secretary of State for Transport, is a vital part of the UK's plan to maintain London's place as a world-class city by supporting growth and maintaining the highest standards in urban transportation.  

The Elizabeth Line will stretch more than 60 miles from Reading and Heathrow in the west through tunnels to Shenfield and Abbey Wood in the east. 

The new 118 km railway will stop at 41 accessible stations, ten newly built and 30 upgraded and is expected to serve around 200 million people each year.


To support the Crossrail project's aggressive timelines, Installation Technology focused its expertise on an accelerated delivery while maintaining the high standards it has become renowned for across the industry. 

Due to late engagement, the teams' agile approach ensured a strong partnership developed quickly during this critical phase of the project that had earlier encountered challenges. 

This flexible approach ensures Installation Technology continues to be an award-winning global service organisation providing expertise in consultancy, design, project management, implementation, engineering and support


Stretches over 60 miles.

Estimated 200 million people will use Crossrail every year.

It will serve 41 stations including ten new ones.

Increases London's rail capacity by 10%.

3 million tonnes of material was excavated from the tunnels.