emergency service network

A new communications network for the Emergency Services (Underground)


The Emergency Services Network (ESN) will be the new communication system used by the three emergency services and other public safety users across the United Kingdom.

The service will become an essential part of Britain’s critical national infrastructure. It will give the EmergencyServices the latest technology, delivering secure, resilient voice communications and high speed data services.

Installation Technology has been asked to investigate the feasibility of using LTE in underground stations and tunnels through the testing of off the shelf cellular technology.


Identification of the appropriate assurance standards for testing

Overall network design and testing strategy

Coverage and performance testing for LTE services

Purchase, provision and installation of equipment

Coverage and performance testing for vendor solutions•Low-LevelDesign (LLD) and test plans

Network infrastructure surveys at 127 stations and 384 tunnel sections

A safety plan for full deployment

RadioFrequency (RF) mapping survey for a127 stations

AdvanceTunnel and Assets Scanning using Data Engineering

Technical Challenge

24/7/365 live operational and safety critical environment.

4 hour working windows during engineering hours shifts

Space limitations given the historic design of the underground.