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As part of his Connected London Strategy Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, made an historic call from the tunnels of the Jubilee line. 

While work began on the Public Cellular Network Pilot in October 2019, we have been supporting Transport for London goal to improve its customer experience from before we delivered Wi-Fi on the Underground in time for 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games. 

The Pilot was designed to support the Mayor's strategy for good a good transport experience, to gain commercial insight and to enhance our knowledge of delivering a neutral-host service on the TfL estate. 

It was also decided that, unlike many Pilot schemes, the equipment and architecture deployed on a pilot should be part of the final design.  TfL wanted to ensure that value for money could be seen in every aspect of the programme. From the outset, it was agreed that everything implemented during the Pilot would have a reuse value and would underpin the efficient delivery of subsequent phases. Aims we have wholeheartedly supported. 

It is easy to forget the effort, co-ordination and drive needed to work deep underground in hazardous conditions. We have been able to complete this work safely, recognised by Transport for London with Shashi Verma Chief Technology Officer (CTO) presenting us with the Beacon Award for zero harm working during the project. 

We are looking forward to working with TfL to provide detailed industry insight, design, installation, and assurance to continue to deliver an excellent public transport experience. All achieved with no disruption to London’s transport network. 

Ian Parris
Managing Director
Installation Technology
March 2020