Connecting London

London underground Wi-Fi


In May 2010 the Mayor of London pledges London-wide Wi-Fi on over 100 London underground stations in time for the 2012 London Olympics

Transport for London (TfL) had many objectives to fulfil in enhancing the experience of a 5,000,000- customer base, providing improved mobility for their staff and access to real-time services and passenger information while seeking ways to raise additional revenues via external private and commercial enterprise.


To ensure alignment with TfL’s strategic vision Installation Technology invested time and effort to understand the objectives of the organisation.

Leveraging its ethos of partnership building allowed harmonisation of corporate governance, methodologies and standards required to deliver a compliant end-to-end solution. 

Embedding project teams, consultants and engineers ensured a frictionless relationship with the programme team and relevant industry partners. Resulting in the smooth project delivery within a timeframe considered impossible by many at the outset.  

By consistently adopting this approach Installation Technology continue to be an award-winning global service organisation providing expertise in consultancy, design, project management, implementation, engineering and support.


Installation Technology used the experience of its project managers, consultants and highly skilled engineers’ capability of delivering solutions in hazardous, safety critical and live-operation environments to deploy the world-class solution using flexible, multi-skilled teams to challenging timeframes.

The teams, restricted to non-service periods of four hours, provided technical feasibility studies, modelling, design, assurance, production type approval, fibre/copper/electrical installation, equipment configuration and deployment, testing, evaluation to Railway Industry Standards (RIS) and designed/ delivered/ installed equipment enclosures to EN 6052 IP65 standards.