Terabit Optical Networking in
the Enterprise (TON-E)

Connectivity your way


Optical switching will be needed by the enterprise within the next 5 years…

Real-time, data-hungry organisations are demanding ever-increasing network performance, and conventional Enterprise Networks have reached the point where they can no longer cope.


Enter our Terabit Optical Networking for the Enterprise solution (TON-E) which combines best in class re-configurable add and drop optical switches with carrier class Ethernet to provide a cost-effective solution which scales easily from 100Gbps to 25Tbps and beyond based on a modular grow as you go approach.

An overarching management platform is used to control and monitor every element ’.

of the TON-E service enabling on the fly re-configuration of this ultra-fast, low latency high availability network.

Being based on carrier class technology TON-E will, of course, easily accommodate legacy networks and it should be noted that the service life of carrier-class networks is typically double that of most existing enterprise networks.


“By the year 2022: The number of devices connected to IP networks will be more than three times the global  population. 

Data usage globally will have gone from 100 GB per day to> 150,000GB per second.”